The Company

GTop Group is a team of seasoned experts and professionals with their background in leading edge broadcast media technology coupled with deep knowledge and experience in Cognitive Intelligence technology that differentiates them from anything in public or private security technology.

The founders have designed and led development teams to create and implement state of the art solutions in video and metadata processing for military, intelligence community, broadcast television, corporate and commercial, financial and sports industries. They have built businesses and their management and financial experience is award winning.       

The team comes from very diverse backgrounds that include military intelligence, US intelligence, broadcast technology, software product development, business management and finance.  They have joined together to create a disruptive, game changing innovative technology to address the challenge in analyzing the vast amount of video and data being collected across many industry sectors to produce actionable information that could predict and prevent hostile events from happening. 

They bring a wealth of knowledge in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, natural language processing, video workflow orchestration, video asset management, video and data fusion, metadata and data governance.