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Orchestrate, Curate, Visualize, Act

MediaMaestro is the first Anti-Terrorism and Situational Awareness technology platform that merges award-winning broadcast video technology with cognitive intelligence technology used by the military to create unprecedented, preventative threat detection.

The collection of information is critical, but it is only a first step. Partnering with Veloxiti and Pronology, MediaMaestro set out to design and provide the advantage we needed to get out in front of threats and prevent the unthinkable. Together we connect the dots across multiple sources, multiple events, and multiple data and media types to prevent security breaches or the next global tragedy.

Cognitive Intelligence

Media Management with AI & Auto-Risk Assessment across multiple sources providing actionable intelligence.

Fusing Data from Multi-INT sources including Video, GMTI, OS-INT, MASINT, Text, Sensor, and Social Media.

Detects and localizes OPFOR Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures.

Detects IED & VBIED emplacement, Ambush and Complex Attacks.

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